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Building Usage Guidelines

The Building is primarily used for church-related activities – worship assemblies, classes, fellowship meals, organizational meetings, etc. From time to time it is used for other purposes, such as wedding receptions, funerals, small group get-togethers, etc. The purpose of this writing is to clarify our stance and procedures for the use of the building.

The Building is just a building. However, it is seen in the community as the place where we conduct the business of the church, and it is wholly supported by the members of the church. As such, we believe it should only be used for purposes that are appropriate and not contrary to the work we do. We also need to respect the fact that it is supported by the contributions of individual members, who have directed their funds toward the work of the church and not the work of any for-profit organization.

Some examples of appropriate use are:

  • Worship Assemblies
  • Bible Classes
  • Bible Studies
  • Lectureships
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Weddings and Wedding Receptions
  • Funerals and Funeral Receptions
  • Group Get-togethers
  • Youth Activities
  • Organizational and Group Meetings, non-profit

Some examples of inappropriate use are:

  • Yard sales
  • Raffles
  • Meetings where a purpose (even if not the sole purpose) is to sell goods or services
  • Meetings held by for-profit organizations
  • Meetings held for political agendas not in line with church teachings

Understand also that the purposes for which we work as a church are primarily evangelistic, educational, encouraging, and benevolent in nature - people scheduling activities should keep those things in mind. If the activity is not related to one of those things, it probably should not be held at the building - somewhere else may be more appropriate.

1) A Contact Person Is Required
For each activity scheduled, there needs to be a contact person from the church responsible for scheduling the activity, making sure the building is opened for the activity, and then locked up following the activity. To schedule an activity, please call the church office at (972) 335-2118, or contact the persons in charge of Building Administration to see if the date is free on the church calendar.

2) Areas must be left Clean
The contact person will also be in charge of making sure that the building is left in a clean and orderly state after the activity is done. The Annex has a list of “to-dos” that need to be done after the activity, just by way of reminder. The general rule is to leave the building in the state in which it was before the activity. If any major problems arise with the building, please contact one of the deacons or the persons in charge of Building Administration.

3) A Deposit Is Required for large groups
We have had some issues in the past also with some groups that have used the building, and left it in a disorderly state. These times have usually been when there is a large group (e.g. clubs, weddings, funerals, etc.), or food is being served, or where there have been a lot of young children present.

For these occasions we will need to collect a cash deposit in advance of the event of $50
(if no kitchen or nursery area use will be required), or $100 (if kitchen/and or nursery use is required). This deposit will be returned in full if the building is left in the same condition as it was before the event. If additional cleaning is needed, which will be determined by the cleaning crews, the deposit will be reduced by $10 for every hour of additional cleaning needed, rounded up to the nearest hour. Special arrangements to waive the deposit requirements can be made for those groups that regularly meet at the building.

4) Fees for Usage
In addition, a fee will be charged for the use of the building for weddings, or for any meeting of an outside organization. The fee will stand at $10 per hour used to recompense the church for normal wear and tear, and for utility costs incurred during the time that it is used. Special arrangements to adjust the fee requirements can be made for those groups that regularly meet at the building.

Other uses do not require a fee.

4) Smoking and Alcohol prohibited
Under no circumstances will smoking or alcoholic beverages be allowed on the property.

5) Responsibilities of Outside Groups
If a group wants to meet on a regular basis and child care is being provided, we will request a statement from the organization holding the event. The statement will say that adequate supervision will be given to the children while on church grounds, and that the group is solely responsible for any claims of liability regarding the children.

6) Wedding Restrictions
For weddings and funerals, recorded acapella or recorded instrument-only music may be used during the ceremony. For purposes of appearance, we prefer that no instruments be brought into the building as it may inadvertently appear that we endorse it in the worship services.

We will not allow weddings that we know are not scripturally OK.

Other Notes and Considerations:

For weddings, we much prefer using bubbles to rice or bird seed – the latter items are much harder to clean, even outside, and may affect the ability to refund the deposit.

If additional space is needed in the Annex area, the dividers between the classrooms can be removed to allow for more seating area. If this is needed, we need to know at least two weeks in advance of the event to make sure that the teachers in the classrooms can prepare their areas. Seating capacity in either the auditorium or the Annex is around 270 persons.

The Parking Lot is sometimes used by the Funeral Home next door when there is overflow – we consider allowing people to park on the property to attend a funeral or visitation to be a benevolent work, and to be OK.

The Parking Lot is also sometimes used by the Service King across the street for their employee parking – we consider this a “good neighbor” gesture, and as long as they respect the boundaries we have set for its use we are allowing this.