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Updated 11/17/14

Main Areas of Work and Deacons in Charge


Area of Work Contact Secondary
Adult Education LeAllen Frost Brian Lofton
Adult and Youth Activities Brian Lofton Kevin Booker, LeAllen Frost
Benevolence James Cothran Brian Hasz
Building Administration Cris Brown Clayton Fowler
Communication Cris Brown Brian Lofton
Evangelism Elders Deacons
Finance Brian Hasz Cris Brown/James Morton
Membership Administration James Morton Clayton Fowler
Visitation/Keenagers James Cothran Brian Lofton
Worship James Morton Kevin Booker
Youth Education Kevin Booker LeAllen Frost


Ladies' Leadership


Area Primary Secondary Deacon over Area
Food Coordinators Marie Cothran Susan Hasz James Cothran
Shower Coordinator Carolyn Hrncir Terri Lowry Kevin Lowry
Holiday Party Coordinator Rose Crayton Mitsie Lay Kevin Lowry
Graduation/Going Away Parties Carolyn Hrncir/Susan Hasz Rose Crayton Kevin Lowry
Ladies' Retreat Heather Brown Amanda Morton Kevin Lowry
Sick/Bereavement Cards, Flowers, etc. Betty Nichols Janis McGee James Cothran
Ladies Bible Class & Devotionals/Breakfast Terri Lowry Lisa Watkins Kevin Lowry
Ladies Communications Rose Crayton Terri Lowry Cris Brown
Baptistry Prep Areas Susan Hasz Dana Kidd Brian Lofton
Nursery/Cry Room Lisa Watkins Amanda Setzler Cris Brown
Annex/Kitchen Upkeep Sue Lofton Betty Nichols Cris Brown
Frisco Family Services Teresa Gallardo Dana Kidd/Susan Hasz James Cothran
Pulpit Floral Layout Mitsie Lay Kay Bell Brian Lofton
Food Prep Committee - Gospel Mtg Dana Kidd/Terri Lowry Susan Hasz Kevin Lowry
Ladies Day (Spring 2015) Terri Lowry Lisa Watkins Elders